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GRO Nutrients<sup>®</sup> FAQs

GRO Nutrients® FAQs

Our organic plant feeds are not mineral salt fertilizers. They are formulated from organic ingredients. The macro and micronutrients we use in our organic products have a functional value that can’t be measured in a test tube. These ingredients don’t often register high NPK numbers; nonetheless, they do have a profound effect on the life of your plants.

ANACONDA JUICE® is ideal for foliar feeding. It is formulated to supply nutrients when they are lacking or unavailable in the soil, or when the roots are stressed. It is especially effective for giving the extra boost to trigger fast-growing. ANACONDA JUICE® is rich in micronutrients, complex Agents, and Humic Extracts. It is designed to act as a catalyst, ensuring increased nutrient uptake by your plant.

As your plants grow through their lifecycle, you need to provide them with different ratios of nutrients. This is where our nutrient Series really shine. Our formulations make it easy for you to customize your nutrient mix. With Bio Roots®, Flora Candy®, Epic®, Gro Bloom®, and Gro Lush®, you will find a way to get more value for your buck and deliver the world’s most innovative line of organic nutrients to your growing plants hydroponically.

Bud Genie® and Super Gro® are formulated with a powerful concentrated micronutrient package that is extremely low in pH. With a low pH, micronutrients will remain stable and avert any possible nutrient fallout. GRO Nutrients® fertilizers are designed to deliver nutritious packages to your plants for easy absorption. To minimize pH swings, we recommended regular adjustments especially during the early growth stages. The pH will stabilize over time.

GRO Nutrients® recommends a routine leaching schedule to help alleviate the risk of mineral salt build-up. A regularly scheduled leaching will allow your fertilizers to easily reach your growing plants and ensure that they reach their full potential. Because our organic nutrients contain zero mineral salts, a bi-monthly leaching of your system would ensure clean operating conditions and maximum uptake.

We designed our formulations to deliver usable organic nutrient formulations for hydroponics growers. Our proprietary formulations provide a superior source of nitrogen that is not sodium nitrate. Growers love our products because they contain amino acids and vital proteins that are organic sources of nitrogen. We have crafted a unique concept in each product, based on the microbial actions in the substrate soil and broken them down into nitrates for maximum plant uptake.

The ideal percentage of our organic fertilizers and hydro blend for each of our Organic Series nutrients depends on your plant and the growth phase. Refer to our labels for specific recommendations as it applies to every stage of your plant’s lifecycle. As a norm, we use the "1-2-3-4" ratio:

1. BIO ROOTS® - Begin at the seedling stage and dilute 2ml per liter of water for Foliar application. Spray the leaves twice a week through the pre-flowering phase until week 4 of flowering. Feed regimen may vary based on factors like temperature, grow moisture, plant species, pot size, percentage of moisture in the substrate, water dosage, cultivation strategy and grower experience.

2. G-FACTOR® - At the vegetative stage, Dilute 1 ml of the product with a liter of water. In the beginning of the flowering stage, increase to 2 ml per liter of water. Ramp up to 3 ml per liter of water during the fourth week of the flowering phase.

3. GROBLOOM® - At the vegetative stage, Dilute 1 ml of the product with a liter of water. In the beginning of the flowering stage, increase to 2 ml per liter of water. Ramp up to 3 ml per liter of water during the fourth week of the flowering phase.

4. VOLCANIC® – At the transition of the vegetative phase and beginning of the flowering stage, start by adding 2 ml per liter of water of Volcanic®. Ramp up to 3 ml per liter of water during the fourth week of the flowering phase.

Stop use of all nutrients to flush out your plant in the last 15 days prior to harvesting.

For Hydro growers, change the solution every 7 days, and keep a close eye on the pH and EC.

Depending on your circumstances and style of growing, your ideal nutrient strength should be between 800 to 1500 parts per million (ppm). Use a nutrient testing device as often as you can to monitor your nutrient solution’s ppm.

Usually, as the water in your hydroponic system evaporates, the plants take up the nutrients within the solution. Try topping off daily with half the recommended dosage strength of your nutrients, and on alternating days, top up with plain water. Replace the entire reservoir with fresh solution every two weeks.

Kept in a cool and dry environment (approx. 70º), out of sunlight, our Organic Family® products can last three years or more. Our Gardeners Of The Universe® Series can last about 5 years or more, if you follow our storage recommendations and keep the products in the original sealed container. Always keep the lids tightly sealed and shake well before use.

Not exactly. Our Gro Series were formulated to be used independently. However, during the transition phases, it may be beneficial to mix the two products at half strength each, to create a full strength solution. Use Super Gro® in the vegetative stage and Gro Bloom® in the fruiting and flowering stages.

Indeed you can. To do so, you would need to apply 1/4 of the recommended nutrient solution. Be sure not to foliar feed in direct sunlight. It is best to foliar feed early in the morning and at sundown. The best foliar technique is when you spray beneath the leaves for maximum absorption and optimal results.

All our Organic plant-based nutrients have been formulated for use in both Hydro and soil. Our proprietary blend ensures that vital nutrients reach your plants in all grow media to nourish and replenish them throughout the grow stages. Follow the label’s recommended feeding regimen and tweak as needed for your specific plant.

The term "organic" applies to products that contain a minimum of 95% organic contents by weight. Unlike our “Organic Family®” Series, the Gardeners of The Universe® line of products may contain a small amount of natural processing agents that prevent them from reaching the 100% mark. However, they are certified according to organic standards because they are made with Organic ingredients that are infused with natural minerals, and contain a minimum of 85% to 95% organic matter.

The USDA has determined that 70% is the minimum amount of organic content a product can have and still use the term "organic" in its labeling and marketing. The added non-certified organic ingredients conform to the USDA's list of allowable products. Each of our trace ingredients conforms to the USDA's list of approved ingredients that can be used in organic products.

When used at the beginning of the flowering phase, EPIC® will intensify flower fragrance and increase oil production in your plant. The addition of Manganese in this superb blend, unleashes a major contributor to various biological systems in your plant, including; photosynthesis, respiration, and nitrogen assimilation. Manganese is also involved in pollen germination, pollen tube growth, root cell elongation, and resistance to root pathogens.

Manganese deficiency symptoms, which often look like those of iron deficiency, appear as interveinal chlorosis (yellow leaves with green veins) on the young leaves, and sometimes tan, sunken spots that appear in the chlorotic areas between the veins. EPIC® reverses stunted plant growth.