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A Highly Potent
Fast-Acting Liquid

Designed For Healthy And
Vigorous Growth


Superbly formulated powerhouse

delivers a payload of organic nutrients from the seedling stage.

Whether your plants are struggling to peek their heads over their pots, or you just want the biggest, healthiest blooms you can grow, choosing the right fertilizer makes the difference. Plants need a plethora of nutrients to grow, and GRO Nutrients® series have been formulated to give you just what you need.

SUPER GRO® has grown in popularity and has become one of our most popular crop feeders on the global market. This miracle nutrients reserve will provide your seedling with the ideal amount of natural supplements to enable rapid sprouting.

GRO Nutrients® dedicated team of scientists continue to work around the clock to produce excellent crop feeds for your growing experience. Our products are designed to include virtually every organic nutrient necessary for healthy plant growth, and in addition, we have specifically formulated some of our products to guarantee superior quality yields.

All GRO Nutrients®series have been manufactured using natural, non-chemical processes. Our company is a world leader in innovative nutrients sciences.

SUPER GRO® is designed to meet the needs of the plant during the grow and bloom stages. It is a one-part formulation that is perfect for indoor hydroponic growing because it is not designed with chemicals that require UV rays to break them down before your plants can use them!

With a powerful fusion of natural plant extracts and complex agents that have been sourced from Amazonian organic matter, superbly designed to guarantee that this product’s bioactive compounds are never hydrolyzed, we assure you that SUPER GRO® is the real deal!

Boosted by Humic Extracts, Fulvic Acid, and a plethora of ingredients from natural plant sources, SUPER GRO® will transform your sprouting specimen into a bionic and energized sprouting machine. You will begin to see the husk emerge and absorb energy for powerful chlorophyll production in the first week of its cycle.

GRO Nutrients® sources all our natural ingredients from the Amazon Jungle, ensuring a non-GMO quality. Our key raw materials are processed using only steam, and no harsh chemicals whatsoever.

For COCO Coir growers, we can assure you that your plant’s growth will be optimized more than average because when you add SUPER GRO® to your medium, vital nutrients will stay within a time-release system, and discharge every nutritious drop over a longer period of time, in a pH-Balanced framework, without creating residual blockage issues.

SUPER GRO® has all the vital macro, secondary and micronutrients necessary to grow your precious plants in the right quantities.

We guarantee:

  • Faster Sprouting
  • Healthier Flowers
  • Bigger, Denser, Buds
  • Concentrated High Potency Formulation
  • Unmatched Absorption

Follow The Directions On Your Container For Pristine Results!

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GRO Nutrients® Does Not Use Any Banned Or Regulated Chemicals In Our Products

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