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Immune-Boosting Formula

Promote Healthy Roots
Increase Fruiting &
Produce Large flowers


Natural organic marine algae-powered nutrients with

immune boosting growth hormones.

When you are looking for an organic fertilizer for your plant, you have to strongly consider taking advantage of the beneficial nutrients found in certain types of Marine Algae. Root Force® is your ultimate experience of the real deal.

This product has fast become one of our best selling nutrients. A very popular nutrients source for organic growers!

ROOT FORCE® is rich in micronutrients and macronutrients, with natural growth hormones to aid in the division of cells. It is stealthily reinforced with naturally occurring oceanic nutrients from Marine Algae, cold processed in our labs to maintain an enzymatically easy uptake liquid form.

A true feeder that is designed to serve and deliver powerful nutrients to hydroponic grow mediums and nutrient-deficient soils.

GRO Nutrients® Research Scientists continue to harvest the unique Marine Algae, Lessonia Nigrescens from its natural habitat in Cape Horn and the Falkland Islands, to ensure a cell structure that is renewable and known to provide ample resource, not only for many sea creatures, but also known to deliver a superb organic fertilizer for growers.

The composition that forms a key component of our proprietary blend, is completely natural and organic, and is a source of over 70 vitamins and minerals. For this reason, it has not only become an important dietary supplement for humans, it is now proven to be a terrific organic fertilizer with superior qualities.

ROOT FORCE® acts like a natural chelating agent when used with other nutrients. It is highly effective in any type of grow medium: Hydro, soil, or aeroponic system, and does not leave residual waste, by-products, or other harmful chemicals. You will experience healthier crop yields and overall plant well-being.

More than 60 naturally occurring trace elements can be found in the superior quality Marine Algae. Your plants will flourish when they feed on iron, copper, zinc, molybdenum, boron, manganese, cobalt and alginic acid.

ROOT FORCE® is capable of replenishing malnourished soil, stabilizing CO2 respiration and restoring deficiencies. Soil respiration reflects the capacity of soil to sustain plant growth, soil fauna, and microorganisms. Upon detecting that you are experiencing lower levels in microbial activity and other decomposed soil organic matter content, you can replenish with Root Force® to improve nutrient cycling and ensure the soil’s ability to sustain plant growth.


Shake well before use. Apply 2 ml per liter of water during all weeks of the grow and bloom phases. Apply each time you feed. For Foliar Applications: Mix 1 ml per liter of water. Spray the tops and bottoms of leaves.

For applications on horticulture, grains, and flower farms, mix 2 to 4 liters with your water reservoir and apply per hectare. Apply during the rooting, vegetative, reproductive and fruiting phases.

For perennial crops, mix 1 liter with your water reserve and apply per hectare. This 100% pure Organic product was manufactured to aid your crops in fighting diseases and bacterioses. Use with intervals of at least, 5 days.

Adjust pH and ensure that the balance is between 5.5 and 6.5 before watering your soil with the nutrients solution. Stop use to flush out your plant in the last 15 days prior to harvesting.

Benefits of ROOT FORCE® :

  • Promotes root and cellular development.
  • Normalizes pH levels and stimulates soil bacteria.
  • Advances rapid stem and seed development.
  • Aids in healthy bud development.
  • Promotes extensive root systems.
  • Offers natural resistance to harmful nematodes, diseases and pests.
  • Improves seed germination.
  • Increases stem strength.
  • Helps plants deal with drought, high temperatures and frost.

ROOT FORCE® also boosts the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. Hydro, Coco, or Soil mediums,will improve their physiological structure and enhance aeration to maintain proper moisture levels.

Note: The nutrients in ROOT FORCE® are instantly ingested enzymatically for immediate use by plants.

We strongly recommend this product for high-value crops!

GRO Nutrients® Guarantee:

  • Bigger Flowering
  • Massive Roots For Healthier Blooms
  • Bigger, Denser, Buds
  • Concentrated High Potency Formulation
  • Unmatched Absorption And Sweetness

Follow The Directions On Your Container For Pristine Results!

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GRO Nutrients® Does Not Use Any Banned Or Regulated Chemicals In Our Products

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