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Golden Enzymatic Compounds
And Secondary Metabolites

GRO LUSH® - A 100% Organic Plant-Based Solution!

Perfect boost to your growing program!


golden enzymatic compounds and vital secondary metabolites.

One thing all hydroponic growers have in common is the ability to mix and match a plethora of growing strategies. Most hydroponic growing processes require some sort of growing medium to support the weight of the plants and their root systems. However, not all hydroponic substrates will retain moisture and aerate the root zone of your plants, which is essential for nutrient uptake and your plant’s overall health.

GRO LUSH® is a plant boosting nutrient solution that is a must-have formulation for your growing plants. It operates stealthily by foraging through your growing medium substrate to convert organic waste in the root zone into usable carbs, while ensuring a vital boost to the peptic system of your plant in the process.

Numerous micro organisms, especially those associated with roots, have the ability to increase plant growth and productivity. This powerful effect ensures the solubilization of otherwise unavailable mineral nutrients.

In all grow mediums, GRO LUSH® will act as a binding agent to allow both macro and micronutrients to undergo a complex dynamic equilibrium of solubilization and insolubilization. This action is greatly influenced by the soil pH and micro-flora, and is essential to the transport protocol of vital nutrients in allowing access to plant roots for absorption.

GRO LUSH® was manufactured with our Smart Plant Nutrients Technology® to include Siderophores, a Greek word that means, "iron carrier". These are small, high-affinity iron-chelating compounds secreted by micro organisms such as bacteria and fungi. Siderophores are amongst the strongest soluble Fe3+ binding agents in nature.

We have also induced this product with Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA, 3-IAA), which is the most common, naturally occurring, plant hormone of the auxin class, best known as the most potent among the auxins, and has been the subject of extensive studies by plant physiologists, including GRO Nutrients® Research Scientists.

GRO LUSH® will ignite the proliferation of bud growth, boost yields, and increase terpene production. This ensures your buds will produce essential oils and emit powerful aromas and sweet flavors. Most importantly, you will notice unmatched vibrancy to the color of your plants.

A little tip from GRO Nutrients® Researchers:

When growing hydroponically, we strongly caution that you keep an eye on both the pH levels and the Electrical Conductivity (EC) of your system. pH is super important because the incorrect pH, whether too acidic or too basic, will prevent your plants from absorbing the full quantity of nutrients that they need in order to thrive. If you don’t have a pH Up and Down solution, and you choose to adjust your pH manually, make sure to dilute the solution first so that you do not cause precipitation in your nutrient solution.

GRO LUSH® delivers powerful enzymatic compounds and promotes essential elements in a perfect horticultural ratio that will benefit virtually every plant in any grow medium.


Shake well before use. Apply 2 ml per liter of water during all weeks of your plants’ vegetative and bloom phases. Add GRO LUSH® every time you feed your plants.

For large horticulture and flower gardens, mix 3 to 4 liters with your water reserve and apply per hectare, at any stage of the crop’s growth, to maintain robust plant health and ensure disease control. In foliar applications, this product should be used with silicone.

Adjust pH and ensure that the balance is between 5.5 and 6.5 before watering your soil with the nutrients solution. Stop use to flush out your plant in the last 15 days prior to harvesting.

Note that all GRO Nutrients® products are uniquely formulated to ensure that they are suitable for an array of plant life beyond hydroponic mediums, and our organic fertilizers will not produce cloudiness or large organic particles to clog up your watering systems. This particular organic fertilizer is especially effective with deep-water culture systems too.

GRO LUSH® is also known to deliver successful results when used for the largest trees and palms, to the smallest shrubs and potted flowers. This powerful formulation is even ideal for Citrus and Fruit trees.

Our Scientists have fortified GRO LUSH®naturally with organic Chitinase proteins. These protein types are members in the group of the pathogenesis related proteins that are strongly induced when host plant cells are challenged by pathogen stress. They constitute an important arsenal to help your plants fight against fungal pathogens.

GRO LUSH® is superbly boosted by natural organic plant β-1,3-Glucanases to ensure unmatched cell division and aid in trafficking of materials through plasmodesmata. This is guaranteed to help your plant with stand abiotic stresses and increase flower formation for superior seed maturation.

We guarantee:

  • Faster Sprouting
  • Bigger Flowers
  • Healthier Blooms
  • Bigger, Lush, Vibrant, Buds
  • Concentrated High Potency Formulation
  • Unmatched Absorption.

Follow The Directions On Your Container For Pristine Results!

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GRO Nutrients® Does Not Use Any Banned Or Regulated Chemicals In Our Products

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