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Biologically Live Liquid
Nutrients Formula

Intensify Fragrance And
Produce Essential Oils


Increase production levels to

epic proportions and intensify fragrance.

Being certified Organic assures GRO Nutrients® global customers that we continue to source all our raw materials from agricultural products that are sustainably grown and processed.

This includes a system of production, processing, distribution and sales that assures every customer that our products maintain the organic integrity that begins on the farm or that exist in its natural habitat.

Organic products are not only better for the health of consumers and growers, they come from a source that is more respectful of the environment and therefore does their part to help maintain and improve the quality of the soil their produce are grown on.

In order to regulate and verify the actual organic provenance of products that make their way into our food chain, several countries around the world have put standards in place. The three main bodies are the US Standard (The National Organic Program - USDA Organic), the European Union Standard (EC Eurofeuille) and the Japanese Standard (Japanese Agricultural Standard JAS).

Worldwide, ECOCERT is the global leader in the certification of NOP standards, ensuring the integrity of every organic product for over 25 years.

When we claim that a specific product is Perfectly Organic, we mean it in no uncertain terms. EPIC® is certified Organic in over 80 countries worldwide by ECOCERT – the world’s largest organic certification organization, as well as by the much-coveted USDA.


Our Research Scientists have mastered the delicate balance of micro and macronutrients to solidify the immersion of macro nutes and specific micro nutes to ensure proper absorption of EPIC® by your plant. We have identified every specific combination pattern and made sure that the proper ratios are included in our solutions. EPIC® will deliver naturally occurring nutrients and vital supplements to your flowering organic plant with maximum efficiency.

Epic® Improves the chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil or substrate; rectifies soil salinity; increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of soils; and helps plants recover from depleted phosphorous in the soil. It Increases sugar production in leaves, flowers and fruits; stimulates and provides natural energy to the plant, and acts as a natural chelating agent in leaves and in the soil, when used in combination with any of GRO Nutrients® products.

When it comes to organic nutrients and growing plants, it is easy to confuse the nutrients needs of your crops. GRO Nutrients® series of crop feeds are all designed to deliver the basic organic elements for plant growth.

We have targeted and successfully profiled essential micronutrient elements to boost your plant’s metabolism and deliver benefits that are vital to your plant’s growth.

Used at the beginning of the flowering phase, EPIC® will intensify flower fragrance and increase oil production in your plant. The addition of Manganese in this superb blend, unleashes a major contributor to various biological systems in your plant, including; photosynthesis, respiration, and nitrogen assimilation. Manganese is also involved in pollen germination, pollen tube growth, root cell elongation, and resistance to root pathogens.

Manganese deficiency symptoms, which often look like those of iron deficiency, appear as interveinal chlorosis (yellow leaves with green veins) on the young leaves, and sometimes tan, sunken spots that appear in the chlorotic areas between the veins. EPIC® reverses stunted plant growth.


Shake well before use. Can be appled via Foliar Spray beneath the leaves and as a nutrient solution directly on the soil. Dilute 1 ml of the product with a liter of water at the beginning of the 2nd week of the vegetative phase. Increase to 2 ml per liter of water through week 6 of the flowering stage.

Adjust pH and ensure that the balance is between 5.5 and 6.5 before watering your soil with the nutrients solution. Stop use to flush out your plant in the last 15 days prior to harvesting.

For large horticulture and flower gardens, mix 5 liters with your water reserve and apply per hectare during the vegetative, flowering, fruiting, and at the grain filling stage to maintain superior nutrients intake.

We recommend EPIC® for your plant’s vegetative and flowering phases to increase flowering in plants that have low levels and need a boost. As a 100% organic flower boosting formula, it has been perfectly calibrated to initiate early flowering in plants and ensure that your buds are compact from the beginning of growth. It also shortens the overall total flowering time from the earlier flower initiation. Your plants production levels will increase to epic proportions and be maintained throughout the plant’s lifecycle.

This product was manufactured with a low pH and is sure to maintain stability during storage. As a norm, pH levels in your nutrients solutions must not exceed 6.2 in a soilless mix.

Some Of The Benefits Of Using EPIC® Include:

  • Translocation of sugars
  • DNA synthesis
  • Cellular differentiation
  • Nitrogen metabolism
  • Active salt absorption
  • Hormone metabolism
  • Photosynthesis
  • Water relations
  • Fat metabolism
  • Phosphorus metabolism

GRO Nutrients® Guarantee:

  • Bigger Flowering
  • Healthier Blooms
  • Bigger, Denser, Buds
  • Concentrated High Potency Formulation
  • Unmatched Absorption.

Follow The Directions On Your Container For Pristine Results!

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GRO Nutrients® Does Not Use Any Banned Or Regulated Chemicals In Our Products

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