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A Major Factor In
Root Zone Health!

All-Natural Organic Marine Algae
For A Robust Grow Protection


A major factor In root zone health!

Delivering unmatched grow protection.

Perfectly Organic! Certified in over 80 countries worldwide by ECOCERT – the world’s largest organic certification organization, as well as by the much-coveted USDA.


This explosive rooting supplement is perfect for all grow mediums. BIO ROOTS® is the perfect nutrients support regimen for your organic garden. Packed with natural micronutrients in their fully chelated forms, this product has been validated by medicinal growers as a MUST HAVE.

BIO ROOTS® - As A Bio-Stimulant And Foliar Spray

This is a fully certified formulation for use in organic production. Applied as a foliar feeder, it speeds up the plants’ internal processors and stimulates root development at all stages of your its’ lifecycle.

It is also a beneficial aid for transplanted crops, a vital booster of your plant’s immunity, helping it fight off fungi, bacteria, heat and frost. BIO ROOTS® promotes the growth of flowers by dispatching natural hormones to improve the microbiological life around the roots.

Use BIO ROOTS® in conjunction with G-FACTOR® to receive a balanced amount of nutrients to meet your plants’ needs. BIO ROOTS® is pH- Balanced and formulated to naturally regulate the pH of your nutrients solution.

Always use an EC meter to verify the levels of nutrients in your solution. If the EC level is low, add more nutrients. If the EC is high, add more water. Measure carefully and accurately. We recommend leaving the solution to sit for 5 minutes to stabilize and ensure that all substances dissolve evenly.

In addition to measuring the EC of water and nutrients, check the EC of the substrate. Note that values may vary according to your grow experience.

BIO ROOTS® is compatible with, Rock Wool, Mapito, Perlite, Clay Pebbles, etc. In Flow-To-Waste hydroponic systems, we recommend that you change the solution every 5 days.


Shake well before use. Begin at the seedling stage and dilute 2ml per liter of water for Foliar application. Spray the leaves twice a week through the pre-flowering phase until week 4 of flowering. Feed regimen may vary based on factors like temperature, grow moisture, plant species, pot size, percentage of moisture in the substrate, water dosage, cultivation strategy and grower experience.

Adjust pH and ensure that the balance is between 5.5 and 6.5 before feeding your plants with the nutrients solution. Stop use to flush out your plant in the last 15 days prior to harvesting.

The naturally occurring and superbly cultivated Alginates in BIO ROOTS® that form the basis to this formulation will grow and strengthen your roots like no other product on the market.

In COCO-COIR media, BIO ROOTS® will hold nutrient-rich water droplets near the roots of your plants to ensure easy feeding access without drowning them. Improved immune boosting technology will also guarantee that your plants will grow stronger and have longer survival rates as they generate a larger, healthier root mass.

With BIO ROOTS®, all of your plants’ natural tendencies are greatly enhanced. Our Scientists and medicinal growers have reported increased yields of over 50 percent, with sweet tasting buds. For outdoor plants, we have recorded unmatched frost tolerance and increased seed germination. This product is a magical potion that will deliver results beyond your imagination.

For Hydroponic growers, you will see that your plants have a greater capacity to absorb the available trace elements.

BIO ROOTS® is an above-average nutrients supplementation for your root health: It is packed with natural hormones like auxins, gibbelerins, cytokinins and betaines. These are found in the molecular structure of Lessonia Nigrescens - a prime seaweed species that forms a crucial com-ponent of this blend.

A healthy dose of BIO ROOTS® is not only essential to the physiological stability of your plant, it will also accelerate its initial development. This product will stimulate growth while at the same time, balancing the speed of growth to prevent your buds from forming or opening prematurely.

The powerful Cytokinins will flow from the roots to furnish your leaves with nutrients and help your plant fight frost. These agents will delay premature aging in your plant. The GRO Nutrients® technological science has ensured the presence of Betaines, which are vital to your plants’ naturally occurring osmotic processes, helping them deal with stressors and other factors.

This is by far; a most superior Root Zone plant-based liquid seaweed crop feed that delivers impressive results!

For soil growers, you will find that BIO ROOTS® is a prime soil conditioner that sends signals to alginates to initiate interaction with metals in the soil. This process is good for the substrate because the fusion of long and cross-linked polymers in the soil ensures that it maintains its natural nutrients for longer periods than usual.

GRO Nutrients® guarantee:

  • Bigger, Powerful Roots
  • Advanced Root Zone Stimulator
  • Healthier, Stronger Plant
  • Tastier, Denser, Buds
  • Concentrated High Potency Formulation
  • Enhanced Fragrance And Flavors
  • Unmatched Absorption

Follow The Directions On Your Container For Pristine Results!

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GRO Nutrients® Does Not Use Any Banned Or Regulated Chemicals In Our Products

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