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SUPER GRO<sup>®</sup>

A Highly Potent
Fast-Acting Liquid

Designed For Healthy And
Vigorous Growth

ROOT FORCE<sup>®</sup>

Immune-Boosting Formula

Promote Healthy Roots
Increase Fruiting &
Produce Large flowers

GRO LUSH<sup>®</sup>

Add A Boost To Your
Grow Program!

Golden Enzymatic Compounds
And Secondary Metabolites


Biologically Live Liquid
Nutrients Formula

Intensify Fragrance And
Produce Essential Oils

ANACONDA JUICE<sup>®</sup>

Inoculate Your Plant
With A Full Spectrum
Powerful Nutrients

MEGA FEED<sup>®</sup>

A 2-Part Unique Patented

Designed For Every
Growing Plant.

The Organic Family Series®

Pure Nature At Work - Harnessing The Power Of The All-Natural

When medicinal Growers talk about growing 100% organic plants, they turn to GRO Nutrients® Organic Family Series® because they know that every single ingredient in these Series was derived from living things. This means that substances such as chemical salts, synthetic fertilizers, and inorganic pesticides, are never used as part of the raw materials during our manufacturing process.

The GRO Nutrients® Organic Family Series® were manufactured in strict accordance with a masterful and complex process. The fermentation process alone is a science in itself. This is an important step that incorporates a delicate orchestration of symphonies to break down organic molecules and microorganisms, making our base nutrients, rich in bioactive substances, such as fruit acids and oligosaccharins.

After over a decade’s long research focusing on special microorganisms and products of plant origin, we were able to develop a 100% controlled fermentation process. This ensures that we can obtain and maintain product consistency with exact control over the mineral composition and can guarantee our organic ingredients.

Due to the perfectly designed chelates, the substances contained in GRO Nutrients® Organic Family Series® are immediately absorbed by your precious plants, and they immediately go to work, stimulating the plant's metabolism and helping them build resistance.

In addition to being a 100% complete food source for plants, the Organic Family Series® will improve soil quality and contribute to the soil’s biodiversity.

Our complete line for your Roots, Vegetative Grow phase, Bloom phase and the final Finishing phase. Compatible with: Hydro – Soil - Coco.

These powerful highly concentrated liquid nutrients do not have any cloudiness or large organic particles to clog up your system.


Superbly formulated powerhouse delivers a payload of organic nutrients from the seedling stage.


Natural organic marine algae-powered nutrients with

immune boosting growth hormones.


Perfect boost to your growing program! with golden enzymatic compounds and vital secondary metabolites.


Increase production levels to

epic proportions and intensify fragrance.


Inoculate your plant with a full spectrum of immune-boosting Nutrients.


Innovative science working in concert with nature.

A well-rounded superior plant food.

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