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SUPER GRO<sup>®</sup>

A Highly Potent
Fast-Acting Liquid

Designed For Healthy And
Vigorous Growth

BIO ROOTS<sup>®</sup>

A Major Factor In
Root Zone Health!

All-Natural Organic Marine Algae
For A Robust Grow Protection

ROOT FORCE<sup>®</sup>

Immune-Boosting Formula

Promote Healthy Roots
Increase Fruiting &
Produce Large flowers


Biologically Live Liquid
Nutrients Formula

Intensify Fragrance And
Produce Essential Oils

ANACONDA JUICE<sup>®</sup>

Inoculate Your Plant
With A Full Spectrum
Powerful Nutrients

FLORA CANDY<sup>®</sup>

Enhance Sweetness And
Boost Flavor!

Superior pH-Balanced
Concentrated Nutrients

GRO Nutrients® Booster Series

Trusted By Professional Hydroponic Growers

The ultimate hydroponic gardener’s choice! When your crops reach their budding and flowering cycle, GRO Nutrients® Booster Series help fuel the production of the much-needed floral clusters with our perfectly formulated natural elements.

The primary ingredients in these crop-specific series are designed to help build bud growth and enhance additional resin production. Various nutrient companies design their bloom boosting agents for later on in your plant’s flowering cycles. Our series can be more effective in earlier applications. They help in many components of your plant’s life by boosting its immune system and making it more disease resistant.

For soil-based media, the GRO Nutrients® Booster Series can play an important role in photosynthesis and growth regulation on a cellular division level, by delivering anti-oxidant properties to the soil. They will break down any negative atmospheric gases produced from anaerobic organic material decay. We have infused these series with a superior blend of P and K to stimulate a stabilizing effect in the ratio within the substrate, and trigger healthy flowering.

To achieve a plentiful harvest, your fast growing plants deserve nothing but the very best. The superbly calibrated ratios of Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) in our perfectly designed bloom boosters can make a big difference when sugar production is impeded and your plants can’t conserve adequate energy to produce the heavy buds and grow large flowers.

GRO Nutrients® Booster Series are formulated to help your plants feed comfortably on grow food and transition seamlessly to bloom food. Our sustainable balanced feed solution is embedded in the nutrients design, specifically to ensure that perfect amounts of nutrient elements are always accessible to your plants.


Superbly formulated powerhouse delivers a payload of organic nutrients from the seedling stage.


A major factor In root zone health!

Delivering unmatched grow protection.


Natural organic marine algae-powered nutrients with immune boosting growth hormones.


Increase production levels to

epic proportions and intensify fragrance.


Inoculate your plant with a full spectrum of immune-boosting Nutrients.


A perfect pH-balanced blend of

organic mineral-infused nutrients

and natural carbohydrates for enhanced sweetness.

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