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BUD GENIE<sup>®</sup>

Premium Advanced

Superbly Formulated
To Optimize
Blooming Co-Factors

GRO BLOOM<sup>®</sup>

Promote Massive growth
with top-Notch
carrier molecules

Designed for maximum
nutrients uptake

BIO ROOTS<sup>®</sup>

A Major Factor In
Root Zone Health!

All-Natural Organic Marine Algae
For A Robust Grow Protection

FLORA CANDY<sup>®</sup>

Enhance Sweetness And
Boost Flavor!

Superior pH-Balanced
Concentrated Nutrients


Super Concentrated
Growth Supplement

Increase Productivity And Fixation


GRO Nutrients® Gardeners Of The Universe® Nutrients Series are aimed at improving the value of crop specific strains. They are 100 percent free of contaminants and sourced from All-Natural organic matter. We mark our products with quality control numbers after subjecting them to grueling quality control processes to assure our high-value Growers of pristine solubility, Calibrated pH Technology®, EC and chelated macro and micronutrients.

Our Research Scientists have painstakingly reviewed and improved every element that is used in our solutions to improve the building blocks of the formula and optimize the final solution to be easily absorbed by your plants. We have ran tests on surfactants, humic substances, fulvic and amino acids, uniquely, or in combination with other natural ingredients, and perfected the ratios, using chelation compounds to bind with nutrients. This was done to stimulate the cells within the plant and pave the way for rapid absorption and flawless nutrients uptake.

Gro Nutrients® Gardeners Of The Universe® Nutrients Series have been designed to feed plants in every hydroponic medium and system, recirculating or non-recirculating. When our nutrients are fed to your plants, they will benefit from humic substances, fulvic and amino acids that work in concert with powerful chelation compounds to transport nutrients directly to your plant’s vital root zone.

We use precise ratios in our blend as a critical step. This strategy was incorporated into our manufacturing process to fully accommodate hydroponic systems. Your precious plants will thrive when they feed on nutrients that are tweaked with ratios that are safely calibrated and optimized for superior potency and voluminous yields. Our macro and micronutrients, combined with other powerful minerals and pH-Balanced solutions will help you produce highly successful harvests without having to deal with unnecessary salt build-up or unwanted elements.

Our Research Scientists know that mixing the right nutrients in the right proportions, can either make or break your grow and affect the quality and quantity of your buds. We have done the hard work for you. With GRO Nutrients® Series, we offer the right nutrients ratios for any phase of your grow operation.

Whether you are growing in hydroponics or soil, regardless of your particular budget, your experience level, or the amount of commitment to your grow operation, we are here to help you raise the volume of your yields.

All products in our series are manufactured specifically for Hydro, Coco, or Soil Grow mediums. Each GRO Nutrients® product has adequate amounts of All-Natural micro and macro nutrients with chelated compounds, and are combined with superior Organic molecules to make them more readily absorbable by your plants’ roots.


Push your buds to the limit and optimize your blooming co-factors! Powerful advanced concentrated bud bulker.


All-in-one solution for every growth stage

with top-notch carrier molecules

to promote massive growth.


A major factor In root zone health! Delivering unmatched grow protection.


A perfect pH-balanced blend of

organic mineral-infused nutrients

and natural carbohydrates for enhanced sweetness.


This product is a Composite Organic Fertlizer, with a superior concentration of Humic and Fulvic substances.

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