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BUD GENIE<sup>®</sup>

Premium Advanced

Superbly Formulated
To Optimize
Blooming Co-Factors

GRO BLOOM<sup>®</sup>

Promote Massive growth
with top-Notch
carrier molecules

Designed for maximum
nutrients uptake


Powerful Nitrogen And

Cure Deficiencies And
Promote Energy Production


Super Concentrated
Growth Supplement

Increase Productivity And Fixation

GRO Nutrients® Full Spectrum Base Nutrients Series

Superior Formulations For Hydroponic Growers

Among the globe’s most savvy hydroponic gardeners, growing and cultivating the perfect plant is an artistic endeavor. They turn to GRO Nutrients® Organic Series to help them hone their passionate artistry into a precise science.

When you use our products, you will become just as passionate about your craft because you will see spectacular results and your final harvests will rank among the top-grade selections on the market.

The GRO Nutrients® Full Spectrum Base Nutrients® mineral line has a complete range of micro and macro nutrients, extracted from All-Natural sources and formulated to act together with precision.

A great choice for experienced gardeners or beginners looking for a complete line to increase their harvest. The formula used in our 4-Part Base Nutrients package is a favorite among millions of Growers, Gardeners, Scientists and Researchers around the world. Now it's your turn to try it out!

Package Deal!

4-Part Base Nutrients Pack!

100% Compatible with Hydro and Inert Substrates.

GRO Nutrients® G-FACTOR accelerates the development of roots and supports Nutrients absorption. Although Micronutrients are needed in small amounts, plants that are deficient in micronutrients will have serious problems with far-reaching consequences that can offset a perfect harvest.

GRO Nutrients® GRO BLOOM® promotes vegetative growth and allows your plants to reach their fullest potential. Plants in the vegetative phase require a balanced in take of micro and macro nutrients. GRO BLOOM® has been specifically formulated to provide the ideal ratios to stimulate robust growth, boost self-defense, make your plants stronger, larger, and much healthier, and ensure that they overcome diseases.

GRO Nutrients® VOLCANIC® is a highly concentrated Nitrogen + Calcium + Trace elements additive that accelerates growth and development, giving your plants the explosive start they need to later support massive yields! Best of all, this product is designed with powerful chelators to support rapid and seamless nutrients absorption. VOLCANIC® will help promote photosynthesis throughout the plant’s life cycle and help regulate the opening and closing of stomata, allowing for efficient use of water and better absorption of nutrients.

GRO Nutrients® BUD GENIE® is a flowering boosting magical potion that has been specifically formulated to provide optimal proportions of Phosphorus + Potassium + Magnesium to contribute quickly and effectively to the development, growth, and production of large flowers.

Package Deal!

3-Part Base Nutrients Pack!

We do not recommend adding nutrients from very concentrated formulas to seedlings and young plants. Not all formulations are designed with the perfectly calibrated ratios to deliver the ideal amounts of elements during your plant’s most delicate phase.


Push your buds to the limit and optimize your blooming co-factors! Powerful advanced concentrated bud bulker.


All-in-one solution for every growth stage

with top-notch carrier molecules

to promote massive growth.


Powerful nitrogen + calcium formulation to cure deficiencies and boost energy production


This product is a Composite Organic Fertlizer, with a

superior concentration of Humic and Fulvic substances.

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