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Why Grow Organic?

Why Grow Organic?

   GRO Nutrients®

If you've ever wondered what people are talking about when they refer to growing "organic", what they mean is that everything used to grow the plant was derived from living things. This means that substances such as chemical salts, synthetic fertilizers and inorganic pesticides are never used as part of the growing process.

In nature, all plants are meant to grow in purely organic conditions. These days, many hydroponic growers want to re-create that same natural environment indoors. If you are one of those growers, and you wish to give your plant its natural nutrients, GRO Nutrients® has developed a powerful line of products to help you achieve your objectives.

You willexperience the best taste and smell when you use our organic line, because each one is overflowing with colonies of beneficial minerals, microorganisms and micro fauna (including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes) which create a complex and interwoven nutrient feed web.

Our products are formulated with a proprietary delivery process that guarantees ease of absorption by your roots. When used in soil, GRO Nutrients® root stimulators deliver vital live nutrients to your plant and prompt the plant to excrete substances back to the roots to feed the soil colony. This symbiotic relationship is the basis of All-Natural True Organic Gardening! Produce buds with a stronger and more complex taste and flavor.

GRO Nutrients® is pure organic food for your plants. All our organic nutrients are "alive". Your plants feel the difference when you raise them on All-Natural ancient Amazonian organic matter with beneficial microorganisms and Humic extracts.

This line is produced especially for cannabis. Our substrate replenishing Super Soil, ANCIENT BIOME is composted and amended to revitalize your depleted soil and provide benefits to help your plants flourish.

Beware of Chemical nutrients. They tend to kill all the organisms in natural nutrients. Certain chemical-based nutrients propel the roots to stop producing the various substances which normally feed bacteria and fungi in the soil, forcing the soil-food-web to gradually collapse in the fragile eco system. First, the bacteria and fungi die off from lack of exudates from the roots, and then the protozoa and nematodes which feed on the fungi/bacteria die off too.

Besides, the unknown health hazards are not worth the risk to your health.
Grow Organic! Try GRO Nutrients® for superior harvests and better tasting buds.

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