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Veggie Gardening

It’s official; food gardening is the hottest trend in home gardening right now, for several reasons. Obviously the economy has a lot of us looking for ways to reduce our grocery bills and growing your own can save big money compared to grocery store prices. Read more ››
Whether a newbie or a seasoned gardener, growing your own fruits and vegetables is not only a great way to save on groceries, it provides a healthier, all-natural food source. Read more ››
Kale and other green Leafy vegetables are among the easiest crops to grow hydroponically. Kale will thrive and produce rapidly and abundantly in almost any setup and does not require overly meticulous care. Read more ››
If it’s getting cold and you have tomatoes still ripening on the vine — save your tomatoes! Pull the plants up and bring them inside to a warm dry place. Hang them up, and the tomatoes will ripen on the vine. Read more ››
Growing your own carrots opens you up to a whole new world of carrot-ey flavors and colors. Read more ››
Brussels sprout plants take up a fair amount of space, but the reward is a bountiful harvest of tasty sprouts. Read more ››
Tomatoes are probably the most popular hydroponic vegetable, and are usually very successful. Hydroponic tomatoes can ripen as much as 8 weeks earlier and produce more fruit than soil-planted plants. Read more ››