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Selecting The Ideal Strain

Selecting The Ideal Strain

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With a plethora of choices, one should take time to consider the options before choosing the strain(s) that you would like to grow. Some of these considerations are practical and some are more aesthetic.


If one has the fortune of free open space with no concerns for security, then larger plants that produce optimal yield are an attractive option. However, if one must be discreet, or grow your plants indoors for any reason, smaller plants may be the wiser choice.

Sativa-dominant seeds will produce tall plants with a substantial yield of premium-quality buds. Indica-dominant seeds will produce shorter and more compact plants with a heavy yield of premium-quality buds. Hybrid seed strains crossed with Ruderalis will produce premium buds on short compact auto-flowering plants that require less maintenance.


The aroma of the plant is another consideration for the grower, as some varieties produce a robust tell-tale skunky smell as they mature while others do not. Some of our varieties have unexpected aromas for herb like Caramel, pineapple, blueberry, and other fruity flavors


Auto-flowering varieties tend to have a shorter growth cycle and are less fussy about lighting needs. Some strains of auto-flowering plants flower in as little as two to three weeks, and are ready for harvest in six to eight weeks.

Other strains flower in as little as six to seven weeks. Indica-dominant strains take longer to produce their highly desired buds. They generally flower in the seventh to eighth week after sprouting. Sativa-dominant strains take the longest. They will start to flower in about eight weeks. These tall gourmet plants may need to be staked or trained on a trellis, and protected from weather changes and pests.

Planting feminized seeds will eliminate the uncertainty and potential waste of time, water and other resources that growers have endured in the past. The feminized seeds that we offer promise a worry-free crop with the best chances for a bountiful harvest from your chosen seeds. All Royal Queen seeds are feminized.


If you are seeking the medical benefits that cannabis has to offer, then the CBD content is an important factor. As one browses though our Royal Queen catalog of medical marijuana seeds, you will notice a varying ratio of CBD to THC along with a variance of content in percentage. Medical cannabis Seed Strains are available that grow large, medium height, and short to accommodate your gardening needs.


Remember that Sativa-dominant seeds will produce larger plants with a substantial yield of buds with a THC/CBD balance that varies according to the particular hybrid strain, but leans toward a rich THC content that produces a clear, creatively active high. The sativa experience is a prime choice for those who desire the inspirational benefits of cannabis and want to remain active.

Indica-dominant plants will generally produce medium-height plants with heavy yields of THC rich buds that provide a long lasting robust body-felt experience and a euphoric high. This bud is perfect for relaxing times, and it will help your body and mind unwind as you drift off into a pleasant slumber. Strains crossed with Ruderalis will produce compact plants that automatically flower, bringing forth buds with a higher healing CBD content.

Remember that variety is the spice of life in regards to strains of cannabis as well as many things in life. Having at least two varieties will help keep the experience with each of them fresh. When one smokes the same variety over a period of time, it's easy for the body to become acclimated and accustomed to the specific chemical levels and components, thus diminishing the intensity of the experience. With such a vast array of seed strain varieties, why not explore the options? Royal Queen Seeds offers a wide variety of seeds that will suit all your needs and curiosities.

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