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Seeds Versus Clones. Know The Difference

Seeds Versus Clones. Know The Difference

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Most indoor cannabis growers use clones, which are rooted cuttings with identical genetics to the marijuana plant that it is derived from. Outdoor cannabis growers prefer to use cannabis seeds. There are pros and cons to both of these options. Let’s take a closer look.

The Mother Plant
To clone a plant, the mother plant is needed. The mother plant should be kept under light between sixteen and twenty four hours each day. This is a good prevention method to avoid flowering.  You can also buy clones at your local dispensary. When you use a mother plant for cloning, it means that you will have the ability to produce the best quality marijuana bud. Be aware that your clones are female plants with similar characteristics. You have to root them indoors first and then replant them, if you are going to grow them outdoors.

The Disadvantage
The disadvantage of using clones is that they are not as vigorous as cannabis seeds. This means that the plants come out smaller and the yield is less. In the latter part of winter and the early part of spring, you can produce large cannabis plants by growing your clones indoors. This will give you a good start to the growing season. In addition, cloned cannabis plants will not grow a taproot, which is the thickened root central to clones that deeply penetrates into the ground in order to offer more stability for the plant. These are more vulnerable to drought and high winds.

The Comparison
In comparison to clones, the plants that grow from cannabis seeds are heartier when young. The seedlings can tolerate wet conditions and low temperatures. This means that cannabis seeds can be directly planted into an early spring garden. If you are going to start cloning from indoors, you have to harden them off prior to transplanting.

The Outcome
There are no guarantees to the outcome of the plant when you use cannabis seeds. However, in the case of cloning, you know exactly what you will get from the mother plant. Cannabis seeds have their own unique characteristics and you will get varying plants from each seed. The normal cannabis seeds will usually produce both female plants and male plants. For this reason, there are many growers that prefer clones or feminized cannabis seeds.

Auto-flowering Seeds
One other popular choice is auto-flowering seeds, preferably used for outdoor cannabis growing. Growers find that these will bloom once maturity is reached. For some growers in moderate climates, it is no surprise to reap two crops annually when auto-flowering seeds are used.

While clones may be limited in comparison to marijuana seeds, they offer more guarantee as it relates to their outcome. You don’t have to identify the plant’s sex in this case because you will already know it is female. The opposite is true for cannabis seeds. Clones allow you to get past the germination phase and have no variation to its genetics. They can be re-cloned over and over again from the mother plant. Some growers think that clones grow more quickly than cannabis seeds. There are other cannabis growers with a preference for cannabis seeds because of a concern for the single quality of cloned plants.

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