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Organic Growing With Soil

Organic Growing With Soil

   GRO Nutrients®

Organic Growing For Medicinal Uses

As the art and science behind growing marijuana have advanced dramatically over the past few decades, more cannabis customers have become interested in growing marijuana organically, especially patients using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Not only does marijuana grown organically taste significantly better, but it also provides a stronger high and exceptional healing effects.

Unlike typical cannabis that is grown with added chemical nutrients, organic marijuana is grown using only biologically available sources. If you are interested in taking advantage of GRO Nutrients® organic nutrient Amazonian Crop Feeds to achieve a smoother and tastier final product, read on to find a complete guide to growing marijuana organically without harsh chemicals.

Importance Of Growing Organic Marijuana

Beyond the fact that organic weed has more appealing effects, organic growing can be a much easier method. Regardless of where you live, there is no need to depend on a laboratory in order to fertilize and grow superior marijuana.

When growing organic marijuana, there is no need to use potentially harmful fertilizers, chemical products, or pesticides to make a great product. Furthermore, when you feed the soil instead of the plant, the pH will be automatically self-corrected so that you will never have to adjust it while growing marijuana organically.

Different Organic Growing Methods

On the spectrum of organic growing, GRO Nutrients® All-Natural Amazonian crop feeds are specifically designed to provide vital nutrients to growers who choose to grow “fully organic” with the use of only plant life and natural minerals, and growers who are just happy with simply growing “semi-organic.” Our Super Soil substrate booster, ANCIENT BIOME, delivers one of the simplest methods for growing organically.

It can be paired with our organic liquid nutrients to keep your plants nourished naturally throughout the grow phase.

Strategies For Composting Your Own Soil

If your choice is to embark on a fully organic method for growing your marijuana, and you choose to compost your own super soil, you can count on GRO Nutrients® for a powerful organic nutritional regimen.

Since you are going to be cultivating a soil that will create a thriving natural ecosystem for your plant, it is important that you make composting your soil a labor of love. In short, composting soil will require you to use high-quality organic potting soil and amend it with our nutrients to foster outstanding buds.

When composting, you will begin by mixing ANCIENT BIOME with the soil with a small gardening hoe to ensure that the nutrients are spread throughout the entire pile. After creating a mix, put it into a container to let it cook with plenty of water.

It is essential that you keep it moist and contained to make sure that it does not dry out. Allow the soil to cook for one to two months while keeping it moist for proper development. Then, fill the bottom half of a pot with the super soil and the top half with the base organic soil to ensure that the plants do not burn from too many nutrients.

Nurturing The Growing Cycle Organically

Once you start growing and germinating the marijuana seeds, the right way to maintain the super soil is to use GRO BLOOM, BIO ROOTS and STIMULATOR. These are vital nutrients that will continue boosting the soil’s nutritional balance in an organic ecosystem.

With no need for any chemical nutrients, all the microbes in the compost will guarantee that the ecosystem you cultivated in the pot continues to thrive by inoculating all the beneficial fungi within the soil. During the final two to three weeks of the bud cycle, make sure that absolutely no additives other than pure water are added to flush them clean of impurities. Foliar spray every other day with ANACONDA JUICE.

As with any other organic growing style, there are a million and one ways for growing marijuana organically, but the most important step is to make sure that no harsh chemicals are involved in the process. When you make the right decision to start growing your marijuana organically for recreational or medicinal purposes, you will notice that the final product is more flavorful, easily burnt, easier on your throat, more fragrant, and delivers a superior pleasurable experience.

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