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Organic Gardening

If you've ever wondered what people are talking about when they refer to growing "organic", what they mean is that everything used to grow the plant was derived from living things. This means that substances such as chemical salts, synthetic fertilizers and inorganic pesticides are never used as part of the growing process. Read more ››
The first, and perhaps most important aspect of harvesting cannabis is knowing exactly when to start chopping down the ladies. A precision harvest is essential for potent cultivation. Read more ››
Hydroponics is described as the process of growing plants or crops in water without the use of soil, while organic farming involves choosing not to use inorganic fertilizers in the growing process. Read more ››
Growing from seed is a very rewarding and meditative experience. There’s a lot of pleasure to be gained from nurturing a plant from seed to harvest. Yet, in order to get a perfect end crop, you need to give the plant a fighting start by choosing the right materials. Read more ››
When you are putting together your grow strategy, you have to make a few crucial decisions before you get started. Many decisions you make will affect the methods and techniques you utilize to achieve your cultivation goals. Read more ››
As the art and science behind growing marijuana have advanced dramatically over the past few decades, more cannabis customers have become interested in growing marijuana organically, especially patients using marijuana for medicinal purposes. Read more ››
Good soil is basically nature’s garbage. Inorganic elements like silicates mix with organic materials and the nutrients therein. Better yet, Ancient Organic Matter from the Amazonian Jungle have been formulated by Mother Nature herself over millions of years. This forms the basis for GRO Nutrients® engineering of our All-Natural organic crop feeds. Pure Food For Your Plants. Plain And Simple! Read more ››
The benefits of organic buds are wide, just like the benefits of investing your money into organic fruit and vegetables. Organic cannabis, fruit and vegetables are grown with the end product and the health of the environment and consumer in mind, rather than the idea of mass production. Read more ››